Greetings loved ones! Let’s take a journey! (This is a Katy Perry-Snoop Dogg reference for those that don’t appreciate the late 2000s hits) Welcome to my website! If you clicked on this link, you probably want to know more about me than my twitter or Instagram bio can provide. Here we go!

Me ft. a cute dogI am a 19 year old sophomore at Drake University where I study Magazine Media because I want to write for Sports Illustrated (so please don’t tell me girls don’t know anything about sports because I will ignore you.) I hope to cover football or baseball but future employers if you are reading this I’m not too picky. I also don’t discriminate between college and professional teams, really

I have a minor in politics because growing up in Iowa it is impossible to not be bombarded with politics every two, four, or six years. If you checked out my twitter (which you really should I am hilarious on twitter) you know that I have a passion for MO’M otherwise known as Martin O’Malley. The political scene at my university was something extremely unique. I attended a CNN Town Hall, caucused with a candidate in the room and met the creators of Ben and Jerry’s. Helpful tip: Milk and Cookies is the best flavor they have ever put out and it is a Target exclusive but trust me you need that in your life.

Growing up in Iowa City I am a huge fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes, but having no professional sports teams has allowed me the unique opportunity to make my own choice about who to support. I support the Minnesota Twins and Vikings. This could be considered painful when you look at the Twins record this past season, but at least I can never be considered a bandwagon fan. This is public record that I support the Twins even in the worst of times. Skol Vikes also, but we’ll see how the 2016-2017 season turns out. I’m hoping that next year when we have our true quarterback healthy we do even better.

If you have made it to the bottom of this page, go get some Starbucks. Treat yo self for making it to the end and reading about me for so long. Get an extra shot, add that whipped cream. Personally I recommend the Mango Black Tea Lemonade, but that’s just me. Thanks for reading friends. Don’t forget to follow me and my shenanigans on my social medias!

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